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Skimming (Reading for Gist)

Skim texts quickly for their main idea and check "are they worth reading"?



Search texts quickly for key information like names, numbers, places, etc.


Critical Reading

Learn how to look for bias, assumptions, logical errors, and more!



What information can you find in a book? A journal? And where?


Inference/ Deduction

Infer a writer’s position from the words they choose and how they link them.


Practice Resources

Practice resources at a range of academic levels from newspapers to journals.

Academic Reading

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What Our Students Have To Say

What Our Students Have To Say

I really appreciate your help. When I first joined this class, my confidence and abilities in all aspects were really hit. However, you have not only helped me with my EAP course, but also given me a lot of guidance on the IELTS.
Image of happy student (Da Luo) to go with testimonial on his success with HeadStart Academic English
Da Luo
From Beijing, China
I am writing to tell you that I would like to say thank you for your workshops which I attended several times. I found they are helpful for studying in class and I do like your teaching style.
Image of happy student (Maria Souza) to go with testimonial on her success with HeadStart Academic English
Maria Souza
From Sao Paulo, Brazil
Thank you so much for your help, support, inspiration and valuable suggestions you have given to me during this course. Some of them were life learned lessons as well. You are the most motivational, inspirational and friendly teachers I have ever met in my life time.​
Image of happy student (Adaeze Andebayo) to go with testimonial on her success with HeadStart Academic English
Adaeze Andebayo
From Lagos, Nigeria
I want to say last 12 weeks is a great experience for me. And you are very very very great teachers. Always be patient and gives me lots of help. ​
Image of happy student (Muhammad al-Amin) to go with testimonial on his success with HeadStart Academic English
Muhammad al-Amin
From Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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